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Note: entries entitled "Streaming" mean that a live performance from a
major opera house is to be screened at one or more of: Assembly Rooms, Ludlow;
Blake Theatre, Monmouth; Booths Cinema, Hay; Courtyard, Hereford; Playhouse,
Leominster; Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon; Theatr Hafren, Newtown; Wyeside, Builth

Fr 26OCT18 Hellens: string quartet
Sa 27OCT18 Leomin Lion: string quartet
Sa 27OCT18 Streaming MetOp: Fanciulla
[Su 28OCT18] [BST ends]
Su 28OCT18 Knighton Concert Soc
TU 30OCT18 Streaming ROH: Walkure
We 31OCT18 Heref Ctyd: Orch of Swan

01-03NOV18 Kington: Pirates Penzance
Fr 02NOV18 Streaming ROH: Walkure
Fr 02NOV18 Heref Ctyd: Orchestra Swan
Sa 03NOV18 Ludlow Orchestra
Sa 03NOV18 Ledbury CS: Nelson M + Viv
Su 04NOV18 Shrewsbury: choirs: WW1 cmn
Tu 06NOV18 Hay StM: medieval music
We 07NOV18 Brecon Th: Swan Lake
Fr 09NOV18 Newtown: L'Heure Espagnol
09-11NOV18 Clun Val Chamber Music Fest
Sa 10NOV18 Abergav: Gw B Ch: Moz Req +
Sa 10NOV18 Monmouth: chamber ensemble
Sa 10NOV18 Streaming MetOp: Marnie
Sa 10NOV18 Music in New Radnor
15,18,19NOV18 Streaming ROH: Bayadere
Sa 17NOV18 Soc Recorder Players
Sa 17NOV18 Leominster Choral: Messiah
Sa 17NOV18 Hereford Choral Soc
Sa 17NOV18 Heref Sh H: Eng Symph Orch
Sa 17NOV18 Monmouth CS: Chichester Pms
We 21NOV18 Herf Ctyd: Orch of the Swan
Th 22NOV18 Brecon: harp
Sa 24NOV18 Kington Ch: Moz + Chpntier
Sa 24NOV18 Brecon Ctdl: Crickhowell Ch
Sa 24NOV18 Leomin Grnge: BMEMF strings
Sa 24NOV18 Heref HolTr: Heref Str Orch
Sa 24NOV18 Ludlow: Roderick Williams
Su 25NOV18 Malvern Festival Chorus

Sa 01DEC18 Heref Ctdl: organ: P Dyke
Mo 03DEC18 Streaming ROH: Nutcracker
We 05DEC18 Heref Ctdl: Ex Cathedra
Sa 08DEC18 Hereford Choral Soc
Sa 08DEC18 Ludlow: Christmas Oratorio
Sa 08DEC18 St Briavels: vocal ensemble
Sa 08DEC18 Stretton Choral Soc
Sa 08DEC18 Monmouth Bl: Beauty & Beast
Sa 08DEC18 Music in New Radnor
Sa 08DEC18 Llandrindod: Viv Gloria +
Su 09DEC18 Hellens M Marcle: piano duo
Su 09DEC18 Newtown: ballet: Cinderella
Tu 11DEC18 Hay Booths: soprano
Sa 15DEC18 Streaming MetOp: Traviata

Fr 05JAN19 Newtown: WNO Orchestra
Sa 12JAN19 Music in New Radnor
Sa 12JAN19 Strg MetOp: Adrna Lecouvrer
Sa 19JAN19 Soc Recorder Players
Su 20JAN19 Hay StM: piano
Su 20JAN19 St Briavels: violin + piano
22,24JAN19 Strg ROH: Queen of Spades
Sa 26JAN19 Brecon: Brecknk Sinfonia
Sa 26JAN19 Newtown: choral workshop
We 30JAN19 Streaming ROH: Traviata

Sa 02FEB19 Streaming MetOp: Carmen
Fr 08FEB19 Heref Ctyd: Orch of Swan
Fr 08FEB19 Hay Booths: cello
Sa 09FEB19 Music in New Radnor
Sa 16FEB19 Soc Recorder Players
Tu 19FEB19 Streaming ROH: Don Quixote
Sa 23FEB19 Hereford BPal: BMEMF wkshp
Sa 23FEB19 Ludlow M Pk: Rachel Podger
Sa 23FEB19 Newtown: MidW Op: Tosca

Sa 02MAR19 Str MetOp: Fille Regiment
Sa 09MAR19 Cwmdu: quintet
Sa 09MAR19 Music in New Radnor
15-17MAR19 Leomin Lion: Early Music
Sa 16MAR19 Soc Recorder Players
Sa 16MAR19 Brecon: Brecknk Sinfonia
Sa 16MAR19 Malvern Festival Chorus
Sa 16MAR19 Ross: Orchestra Swan
Su 17MAR19 Leomin Pry: chamber choir
Su 17MAR19 Hay StM: soprano
Sa 23MAR19 Hereford Choral Soc
Sa 23MAR19 Michaelch Ecsley: singers
Sa 23MAR19 Monmouth CS: Brahms Req +
Su 24MAR19 Hellens Much Marcle: piano
Su 24MAR19 St Briavels: RWCMD Students
29-31MAR19 Usk: choir festival
Sa 30MAR19 Presteigne: BMEMF wkshp +
Sa 30MAR19 Ludlow MPk: string quartet
Sa 30MAR19 Shrewsbury Choral Soc
Sa 30MAR19 Streaming MetOp: Walkure
[Su 31MAR19] [BST begins]

Tu 02APR19 Strg ROH: Forza Destino
05-07APR19 Ludlow: Engl Song Weekend
Sa 06APR19 Heref HTr: Heref Str Orch
We 10APR19 Hay Booths Cinema: violin
Sa 13APR19 St Briavels: flute + piano
Sa 13APR19 Hay StM: ren + baroq sngs
Sa 13APR19 Ludlow Choral Soc
Fr 19APR19 Church Stretton: St J Pssn
We 24APR19 Builth Wyeside: Swan Lake
Sa 27APR19 Soc Recorder Players
Sa 27APR19 Leomin Priory: Onyx Brass
Sa 27APR19 Bromyard: Orchestra Swan
Tu 30APR19 Streaming ROH: Faust

02-06MAY19 Crickhowell Music Festival
Sa 11MAY19 Gloucester: BMEMF + SWEMF
Sa 11MAY19 Cwmdu: brass ensemble
Sa 11MAY19 Newtown: Montgomery Fest
Sa 11MAY19 Strg MetOp: Dls Carmelites
Th 16MAY19 Streaming ROH: ballet
Fr 17MAY19 Heref Ctyd: Orch of Swan
Sa 18MAY19 Soc Recorder Players
Sa 18MAY19 Tintern Abbey: piano
21-26MAY19 Nr Oswestry: Ch Music Fest
31MAY-02JUN19 Worcester Early Mus Fest

Sa 01JUN19 Ross Langstone: L Bach Soc
Th 06JUN19 Heref Ctdl: Ex Cathedra
Sa 08JUN19 Brecon: Brecknk Sinfonia
Tu 11JUN19 Strg ROH: Romeo & Juliet
Sa 15JUN19 Soc Recorder Players
Sa 22JUN19 Malvern Festival Chorus
Sa 22JUN19 Monmouth CS: Tippett + RVW
Su 23JUN19 Dorstone: cello + piano
Sa 29JUN19 Nr New Radnor: BMEMF wkshp
Sa 29JUN19 Leomin Pry: Heref Str Orch
Sa 29JUN19 Shrewsbury Choral Soc

Sa 06JUL19 Cwmdu: harp + violin
Sa 06JUL19 Ludlow Choral
Su 14JUL19 Hay StM: violin: R Podger
14-19JUL19 Ludlow: Lacock Summer Sch
Sa 20JUL19 (?) BMEMF singing workshop
26JUL-03AUG19 Gloucester: 3 Choirs Fest
Su 11AUG19 Dorstone: piano

22-27AUG19 Presteigne Festival

Sa 07SEP19 Hay StM: string trio plus
Sa 21SEP19 Brecon: Brecknock Sinfonia
Sa 21SEP19 Clytha: BMEMF choral wkshp
26-30SEP19 Hay Chamber Music Festival
Sa 28SEP19 Cwmdu: Gwent Chamber Orch
Sa 26OCT19 Ludlow Ass R: Brodsky qt+

[Su 27OCT19] [BST ends]

Sa 07DEC19 Ludlow Choral

30APR-04MAY20 Crickhowell Music Fest