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Minutes of St Briavels Music Society Annual General Meeting 

12th October 6:45pm

St Briavels Church



Martin Fenn Smith (in the Chair)

Mike Haines (Programme Secretary)

David Rees (Treasurer)

Margaret Ralph

Michael Bradley

Corinna Arnold
Eighteen members of the Society


1.     Apologies: Ursula Williams, Keith Williams, 


2.     Minutes: Adoption of the Minutes of the AGM held on September 15th, 2018 was proposed by John Hurley, seconded by Michael Bradley and carried unanimously.


3.     Chairman’s Report: Martin Fenn-Smith noted that his report had been circulated in advance. In it he had mentioned the ten concerts held in the past year and membership of 130 at year-end, including over 20 Silver members. He touched on the Schools Workshops, funded this year by a grant from Lark Trust, and touched on the new financial year-end date, announced in 2018 and now covering a 12 month period. He pointed out that two full financial years were circulated to members to allow for a comparison. He then mentioned the 5 upcoming autumn and winter concerts and a further 5 planned for spring 2020, which the Programme Secretary Mike Haines would report on later in the meeting. He went on to highlight changes in the Committee, notably Committee Secretary Keith Norman’s decision to step down; he will be replaced short term by Margaret Ralph, while new Committee Member Corinna Arnold had been co-opted onto the Committee earlier in the year. He said that Keith Norman regretted not being able to attend the AGM and said the Committee had presented him with a gift at the last concert, with its thanks for his long service. He thanked the many people helping make Wye Valley Music a success, from its Silver Members to the piano tuner, the printer, the people delivering fliers and putting up posters and closed by calling for anyone who might wish to assist the Society or to join the Committee to get in touch.


·       Margaret Ralph asked that special note be made of the Committee’s thanks for Keith Norman’s impressive work on behalf of Wye Valley Music and his long and unwavering commitment to it.

·       John Hurley questioned a discrepancy in membership numbers between the Chairman and the Secretary’s Report; the Chairman said that this was due to a difference in the two reports’ timing, with his own the later and more accurate number. 


4.     Secretary’s Report: The Secretary’s Report had been circulated prior to the meeting and a copy is appended to these Minutes. There was one comment on the report by John Hurley (see above).

5.     Treasurer’s Report: David Rees provided a brief summary of the Society’s Accounts for the year to 31st July 2019. There were no comments or questions on the report. Acceptance of the accounts was proposed by John Hurley and seconded by Jean Sheraton and carried unanimously. 


6.     Election of Officers and Members of the Committee: The Chairman suggested electing the current members and Officers of the Committee standing for re-election together with the co-opted new member Corinna Arnold and Margaret Ralph as newly appointed Secretary. This was proposed by John Hurley and seconded by Jean Sheraton.


7.     Appointment of Independent Examiner: The Chairman reported that Rachel Fenwick is willing to continue in her role as Independent Examiner. This was proposed by John Hurley and seconded by Christine Haines.


8.     Proposal to Amend the Constitution: Four changes to the Constitution were proposed and circulated prior to the meeting, covering the co-option of new Committee Members, the identification of the Society as a Charity, the use of the name Wye Valley Music and the expansion of activities involving young people. While these changes were not questioned, John Hurley raised a series of points about other areas of the Constitution which should be reviewed and the Chairman decided to postpone a vote on any changed until these points had been discussed and potentially actioned. 


9.     Programme Manager’s Report: The Programme Manager then delivered his report.


10.  Any Other Business: There being no other business, the Chairman thanked all those attending and closed the meeting at 7:25. 




Wye Valley Music

Founded 1967
Registered Charity 1092645

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