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Sunday 16th July 7:30pm
Drill Hall, Chepstow

Opa Rosa

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Enjoy vibrant and soulful melodies played with fiery precision, and let Klezmer and Balkan Band Opa Rosa take you on a foot-stomping journey through the Balkans and beyond!


High energy and engaging, virtuoso acoustic ensemble Opa Rosa capture all the joy and sorrow of music from the Klezmer, Balkan, Greek & Roma traditions. They explore and reinvent the motifs of Eastern Europe by subtly drawing from other musical influences such as Post-Rock, Classical and Jazz. With their line-up of violin, clarinet, accordion, double bass and percussion, their unique and refined sound consists of an explosive and grooving rhythm section combined with intricate melodies soaring over rich and nuanced harmonic structures.

Wye Valley Music

Founded 1967
Registered Charity 1092645

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