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What of the future?


We strongly believe that we have a role to play in sustaining and developing music in the Wye Valley for many years to come and our thoughts are turning to how we will secure the future of the society for the next ten years and beyond.  We are competing with other organisations that provide leisure and entertainment and we are having to develop our own skillset to keep up with trends in on-line booking, advertising, fund-raising, and promoting what we have to offer, as well as running our business efficiently. We work with a professional graphic designer to help us attract larger audiences. We recognise the importance of building our audience base and, in particular, attracting younger people to join us.


In order to achieve our aspirations for the future, we are looking to advertising, grants, sponsorship and donations to provide further funding. Our aim now is to be pro-active in applying for grants from organisations that we feel are in a position to help us. We have launched an enhanced membership scheme and Concert Sponsorship scheme. We hope you will agree that we are worth supporting. If you are not already a member, do consider becoming one, perhaps a Silver Member, or sponsoring a concert – or even both!


Most importantly, whether you are a member, a regular attender, or considering attending a Wye Valley Music event for the first time, be sure of a warm welcome. There is no substitute for the thrilling experience of top quality live music as part of an enthusiastic audience in an attractive setting.


We look forward to seeing you soon!


Wye Valley Music

Founded 1967
Registered Charity 1092645

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