Treasurer’s Report 2020/21


Copies of Wye Valley Music’s unaudited accounts were circulated before the AGM.


Income and expenditure are both down on last year, due to our inability to hold any live events. This left the organisation in more or less the same financial position it had been before.


Membership subscriptions have stayed stable. The launch of new outreach programme Wye Valley Music in Mind, which is self-financed, added to the existing outreach programme Wye Valley Music in Schools, means that overall the organisation’s income and expenditures are rising compared to their historical levels.


Total income for 2019/20 was £15,795 while total expenditure for 2019/20 was £14,350.  Therefore for 2019/20 overall income minus expenditure was £1,445. In 2020/21, by contrast, total income for 2020/21 was £10,032, in part due to the outreach programmes, while total expenditure for 2020/21 was £5,100, leaving WVM with income minus expenditure of £4,932 for the year. Available cash is £12,238 while cash assets stand at £14,950.


Wye Valley Music

Founded 1967
Registered Charity 1092645

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