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Here are some notes from our friends at Hay Music:

Receiving Hay Music Digital events

Live Zoom events. Access the meeting at the advertised time using the link given in the advertisement. If you have never used Zoom before, it is best to begin the process 5 - 10 minutes before the start time, since you may be asked to download the App.  

Please remain 'muted' throughout the talk or discussion - clicking or tapping on the microphone icon (a small red microphone symbol) turns your sound on and off (a diagonal line through it when it's off).  The icon is found in different places on different types of device and you may have to click or tap your screen (e.g. at the top on an iPad) for the icon to appear.  Similarly there is a camera icon which you can use to switch the picture of yourself on and off - for example if you want to get up and move during the talk which can be distracting for the speaker and other audience members.

Streamed concerts. To get the best sound quality there are a few options:

  • have your computer connected to a pair of computer loudspeakers or, if you are the sole listener, headphones;

  • connect the audio (headphone) output from your computer in to an amplifier in your hi-fi system;

  • using the HDMI socket on your computer (if there is one) to connect into your TV;

  • if you have a Smart TV you may be able to log into the concerts directly via the internet connection in the TV.

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